A virtual mailroom, or virtual postroom, can be used to deal with the distribution of mass post. Often outsourced, the virtual mailroom controls all outgoing post for a company, be this by fax, post or electronic document distribution using e-mail. Documents which a virtual postroom deals with will include transactional documents such as invoices and statements. The virtual mailroom uses databases to know when invoices must be sent, and in the case of electronic mail, can send these automatically.

Aspects of a Virtual Mailroom

The Virtual Mailroom is Uncomplicated

Using a virtual mailroom keeps the document distribution part of a company separate from others; this is especially true when the virtual postroom is outsourced to a company such as Netsend. This allows that company to concentrate on the quality of customer service and improvements to their company, instead of having to train staff to use the virtual mailroom. An outsourced virtual mailroom will always be more efficient as the company who take on the task have been running virtual mailrooms for many years and are experts in this area. This means customers receive invoices and statements at the right time and in a professional manner.

The Virtual Postroom offers better Customer Service

An outsourced virtual postroom can happily incorporate customers wishing their documents to be sent using post, fax or e-mail. The company who are creating those documents simply send them to the outsourced virtual postroom who will then distribute them accordingly. This is an important feature to a virtual mailroom because it is inclusive of all customer needs. A company whose virtual postroom only deals with electronic post may neglect customers, who are loyal, yet are not technologically advanced.

The Virtual Postroom is environmentally friendly

The virtual postroom aims to distribute the majority of its invoices and statements electronically using e-mail or fax. This is advantageous for the sending company because the virtual mailroom lowers their expenses in terms or paper, envelopes, postage costs and the cost of printing. However, this aspect to the virtual postroom also is good to the environment by saving paper and energy. Again, this feature to the virtual mailroom is important because society values eco-friendly businesses and it can help a company to win customers.

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