White Paper: Going Paperless – Part 1

Understanding the benefits, challenges and considerations in going paperless. Setting out the first steps in developing a successful project plan.

Going paperless - benefits, challenges and planning for success

Except from the white paper:


You’ve probably already seen countless blogs and articles extolling the virtues of the ‘paperless office’ and going ‘paper free’.  And yet you’re still researching before taking the plunge into digital transformation, don’t worry, you’re not alone.


As a species, humans hate change.  Collectively, we resist it even more.  So driving your organisation forward to embrace the benefits of digital, over paper, requires a deep, realistic, understanding of benefits, challenges and best practice in making the paperless dream a reality.  This white paper is the first of two, designed to help you do exactly this.


With the prevalence and sophistication of mobile devices in the modern business environment, and the maturity of data infrastructure, the environmental conditions are just right for this paradigm shift.  In many ways, paper is now an unnecessary hindrance to business processes; requiring dedicated efforts to print out from systems and scan, rewrite, or key in, to bring written or printed information back into the normal (electronic) workflow.


In this white paper, we look at what drives businesses to consider paper-free processes, where businesses can gain the most from going paperless, and set out the first steps to shape and deliver this digital transformation in the most successful manner.


Above all, this white paper is designed to support you in your research and planning, sharing years of experience in delivering successful electronic document distribution and management solutions for global clients.  You will find compelling arguments to remove reliance on paper throughout the enterprise, and considerations to make in the early stages of your project.


The second part of our paperless white paper series contains guidance on how to plan, deploy and measure the success of digitisation projects, as well as providing candid insight into common challenges and pitfalls to avoid.


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