Check-list for Selecting an e-invoicing Provider

A step-by-step guide to help you select the perfect e-invoicing provider, to make your electronic invoicing project a success.

Check-list for Selecting an e-invoicing Provider

Excerpt from the check-list for selecting the right e-invoicing provider:


The business case for e-invoicing is clear, with savings of over €6.60 per invoice, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to e-invoicing/e-billing to improve profitability and operational performance.


Having identified the opportunity and developed a business case, the next challenge is to select the right e-invoicing solution or partner.  Two routes can be taken at this stage – developing the solution in-house, or working with an expert partner.  Very few businesses have the internal resources to develop and maintain an e-invoicing solution in-house, for reasons we go into here.  It is generally safer, more cost-effective and faster to select the right partner to work with.


Selecting the right e-invoicing partner requires careful thought.  You will need to consider each aspect of their capabilities and your requirements, as indicated below.  It is crucial that you have determined your business needs, and resource availability, before considering these points.  If you haven’t reached this stage, we urge you to read our guide to developing an e-invoicing business case, where you will find a list of points to consider, and questions to ask, in order to determine your exact business needs and capacity to deliver, or support the delivery of, an e-invoicing solution.


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