Sectors who Netsend

Netsend clients span many industries across 52 countries

Netsend’s 15+ years of experience working closely with FTSE 100 companies from different sectors has enabled us to enhance and refine our products continuously.

We are proud to offer market-leading solutions that are both flexible and user-friendly.

Here are some of the sectors that use Netsend.


Engineering and Manufacturing

More Sector Experience

Many more sectors netsend their invoices and documents.  Find out about Netsend in your sector.


At Netsend, we understand the importance of secure delivery of confidential documents. We have clients in the financial services sector who rely on Netsend to produce and distribute documents securely on their behalf. As a result of using Netsend they have been able to reduce both the time and cost of posting statements out and are now able to offer their customers the ability to receive their statements in an electronic format. Take a look at our Peak Cashflow Case Study.

We’re already seeing a cost saving and we’re only into month five of the project, so we’re very happy!” – Peak Cashflow


We have clients within the technology industry who recognise that our system is so robust and advanced that it is worth their while to outsource document distribution to us, rather than developing their own capability. The unique features of our system have been enhanced and refined over 10 years, giving us a comparative advantage over any new developer.


We have incorporated the use of Proof of Delivery Notifications (PODs) to ensure that invoices are not sent until safe delivery of product has been confirmed. Netsend distribute a range of document types for a major global healthcare leader. As their invoicing provider we deliver their documents in a variety of languages across Europe. Our portal is available in any language, including those with non-Western character sets.

Food and Drink

Netsend provide one of the largest food wholesalers in the UK with direct debit mandates accessible electronically for customers to view at their convenience. A client since 2006, Netsend are trusted to send thousands of crucial mandates every month to notify customers of their direct debits ahead of the account transaction.


We have worked with recruitment companies to ensure that invoices are delivered dependent upon the return of signed timesheets from temporary employees. We have also given recruitment companies the ability to separate the payroll systems between internal and temporary employees.


Our skilled team have worked with our aviation industry clients to enable them to inform their clients of changes in aviation regulation. Notifications of regulation changes and updates are delivered to clients through our document delivery system. Our clients are able to monitor when their clients have read these regulations, to ensure their own client’s compliance.


Netsend enables global, e-invoicing solutions for multi-billion dollar retail brands. Providing immediate and secure access to analyse invoicing across multiple brands, in multiple countries, through a localised online interface it is easy to see why market leaders such as VF Corporation (The North Face®, Vans®, Timberland®, Wrangler® and Lee® amongst other brands) choose Netsend.

Take a look at our VF Corporation Case Study


Netsend delivers essential e-invoicing and electronic document distribution services to a number of leading media businesses. Supporting 20th Century Fox in drawing insight from invoices across the globe, to enabling The Guardian to offer EDI invoicing to high-volume partners such as Menzies and WHSmith, we work across a wide range of media clients.

Take a look at The Guardian Case Study to find out more about our solutions for media clients.

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