Trust Services for Electronic Documents

This white paper explores the evolving regulations and requirements to establish trust between supplier and receiver of electronic documents. The paper concludes with recommendations on how to integrate these within a business, and how the landscape is likely to evolve over time.

Trust Services for Electronic Documents whitepaper
Excerpt from the white paper:


Trust is earned. From the earliest days of communications, people have struggled to verify the integrity of message and source. With every tactic to verify the sender, and lack of tampering, counterfeit measures have evolved to erode our certainty. Long gone are the days of a wax seal, stamped to instil trust. But the principle remains – a sender needs a way of uniquely demonstrating that the message was from them, and the integrity of the message is preserved.


Different communications require different level of validation. A simple email is trusted based on the email address it comes from, but should that email contain information that needs to be acted on, or documents of a sensitive nature, we may need higher levels of validation.


As electronic documents are fast superseding paper, across all areas of business, tactics to verify source and content have evolved to surpass the equivalent processes for paper documents.

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