Technology Winners and Losers – the Business Case for E-invoicing

This business case outlines the winners and losers of the digital age and how companies can embrace invoicing technology to ensure growth and success in the long term.

Excerpt from the Technology Winners and Losers Business Case:


In our ever more cut-throat world of business, innovation is often our only competitive edge.  Businesses who are quick to adopt the right technology experience strategic advantage.  With technology evolving at an ever-increasing pace, it can be hard to identify where breakthroughs are occurring and how to align for advantage.


In this document, we look back on paradigm shifts in business technology over the last few decades, and how these have yielded winners and losers.


It is our firm belief that the digital transformation of business presents a strong need to move to electronic document distribution, and embrace niches within this such as e-billing or e-invoicing.  Our clients are already experiencing competitive advantage from being able to operate in such a manner.  It won’t be long before the winners and losers in this space become clear too.

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