Technical Due Diligence FAQ

This document is designed to answer common questions asked of Netsend, from a technical perspective. Every client has different requirements, to which Netsend provides a highly adaptable and nuanced solution. Accordingly, specific technical requirements may benefit from direct discussion with Netsend, to determine an optimal configuration.


Excerpt from the Technical Due Diligence FAQ:

Use and Access to Netsend


The Netsend portal requires nothing more than a web browser to access and administrate content. Compatibility is maintained across the latest versions of Chrome, IE/Edge, Firefox and Safari, as well as legacy compatibility back to IE 9.




Single Sign On


Netsend’s administrative access can be integrated with Single Sign On solutions via secure token exchange. The depth of authentication, and data encryption, can be adjusted to match the level of any secure Single Sign On infrastructure.


EDI Provider Integration


Netsend can create documents in any format, with any formatting requirements, from supplied data. One application of this is for Netsend to transform data into the correct format for EDI providers. Existing relationships with leading EDI providers such as Tungsten, Taulia, Tradex, Tradeshift and Mediaocean enables Netsend to fast-track integration and resolve requirements extremely quickly. Netsend also supports peer-to-peer EDI requirements, presenting greater flexibility in how EDI connections are made.


Credit Workflow and Management Solutions


Netsend integrates with a range of credit workflow solutions, from SunGard’s GETPAID, to Ero57. Beyond integration with automated systems, Netsend also integrates with the processes employed by Moreton Smith.


Accounts Systems


Netsend can be rapidly integrated with the full spectrum of accounts systems – from legacy, to state-of-the-art. Offering complete flexibility of integration with internal, as well as customer systems, Netsend enables businesses to work how they want.


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