The Evolution of
Accounts Receivable and Credit Management

This paper covers how accounts receivable and credit management are adapting to operate in an increasingly digital world. This paper also explains the benefits of electronic billing from a customer’s perspective, and as a competitive advantage for businesses.

Going paperless - benefits, challenges and planning for success

  Except from the white paper:


Credit Controllers and Accounts Receivable teams operate in an increasingly digital world. A digital world where the digital transformation of the wider business, as well as customer lifestyles, causes friction when people are faced with processes and, in particular, 

communications that do not match their (digital) expectations.


Digitising Accounts Receivable

With the advent of e-billing, accounts receivable processes are evolving to embrace the benefits of the digital paradigm. Some businesses have been experiencing the benefits for longer, but it wasn’t until the last decade until it has really started to gain ground. According to Billentis, the e-invoicing/e-billing market is growing at around 20% year-on-year as word spreads and the business case becomes more evident.

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