Electronic Document Storage, Archival and Retrieval

How electronic document storage and retrieval is improving efficiency, security and insight for businesses. From big data analytics to process automation, the digital transformation of document processes creates competitive advantage.

Excerpt from the white paper:


Digital Transformation is perhaps an overused term these days.  Very few areas of a successful business have not been digitally transformed in some way, for good reason.  Computerisation and digital processes are inherently more efficient, more secure and interoperable with other, digital, processes within the business.


One of the last areas of many businesses to retain paper is that of sensitive documents.  Document files can still be found in many businesses for invoicing records, HR records, contracts and other high-value documents.


Whilst valuable, these documents are not inherently different to other paper documents.  Therefore, just as inefficient to process and just as insecure as other physical documents.  They are simply distributed and stored as paper because there is a long-standing feeling that this is a legal requirement, or that having the original paper document is somehow more appropriate when the content is of high value to the business.


Businesses are waking up to the fact that it’s no longer necessary to retain, or even send, documents of this type on paper.  And where innovation occurs, this creates competitive advantage.  Businesses moving away from cumbersome and insecure paper-based processes are more agile, secure and able to mine the data within these documents for insight and competitive advantage.


As part of this drive towards the digitisation of document processes, we explore the challenges posed by hanging on to paper, as well as the benefits of embracing digital.  Beyond this, we outline recommendations for minimising risk and cost, as well as accelerating the benefits of using electronic documents throughout the business.

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