Simplifying e-Invoicing
and Electronic Document

EDI eBook - Standards, Infrastructure and Business Considerations


Excerpt from the eBook:


This eBook demonstrates how Netsend simplifies the move to e-invoicing and electronic document distribution.
Moreover, we outline why businesses benefit from specific advantages of Netsend – securing against the risks of change, whilst empowering through competitive advantage.

It’s a digital world

Digital doesn’t always feel like progress, as businesses grapple with the increasing variety
of invoice formats required for accounts payable (AP) systems or value-added networks
(VANs). Legislation and standards change too, making it a full time job keeping up with
the variety of digital formats a business may need to distribute documents in.

Don’t get left behind

The volume of invoices sent electronically grows approximately 20% year on year.
Top-down pressures, such as changes in the US and Europe mandating e-invoicing for
business to Government transactions, accelerate this adoption further. What starts as
governments seeking to close tax-holes tends to ultimately result in broadscale adoption
of e-invoicing.

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