Credit Professionals Report 2020

Insights and commentary from the 2020 Credit Professionals Survey. 

Credit Professionals Report 2020

Excerpt from the report:


Welcome to the first edition of what will become an annual credit professionals report. This year, we felt there was a greater need than ever before to gather and share insight from senior credit professionals, across a range of industries.


The old adage “it’s not sold until it’s paid for” has never rung truer, as businesses lean more heavily on collections teams to ensure cash comes in, in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.


Respondents to our credit professionals survey, in partnership with both AICDP and Forums International, collectively manage hundreds of billions of pounds of credit, globally, each year. However, many of the challenges they face as businesses, as well as their credit processes and proceedures, will still resonate with smaller credit departments.


Reading this report, we hope will provide you with both a greater understanding of challenges currently facing credit departments, as well as those expected over the next year. Beyond this, we look at best-practice performance measurement, areas for improvement and the impact of electronic invoicing as a solution to many of these challenges.


We hope this provides you with insight and encouragement to face the challenges ahead in these unusual times. Leaving on a positive note, 95% of the survey respondents expected there to be opportunities for credit professionals to make a positive impact on business over the coming year.

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