Download the Travelport Case Study

Download the case study document, explaining how Travelport benefited from implementation of Netsend to facilitate e-invoicing.

Excerpt from the Travelport case study

Redefining the breadth and depth of travel choice. Travelport solutions are integrated with over 400 airlines, 650,000 hotel properties, and over 35,000 car rental locations. Travelport designed, built and operate a Travel Commerce Platform that is perceived as offering unrivalled depth and breadth of travel inventory, functionality, business efficiency, productivity and global reach.


The Challenge

Prior to 2012, Travelport’s Accounts Receivable teams dedicated a number of staff in and several hours per day to manually send invoices by post in each country. Printing invoices and address labels, checking details, and then stuffing, franking and posting thousands of envelopes each day was a costly, time-consuming process.

Travelport felt it was time to seek out a more costeffective solution, whilst also freeing up the AR team to ensure balances were collected in an accurate and timely manner, improving financial efficiency.

Beyond the need to improve cost-efficiency, customer demand for e-invoicing was growing. Customers had begun to request a variety of invoice formats – printed, emailed and/or self-service downloads from a portal. In addition to these needs, Travelport needed to comply with legislation that mandated the use of qualified digital certificates to support electronic invoices.


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