Download the Peak Cashflow Case Study

Download the case study document, explaining how Peak Cashflow benefited from implementation of Netsend to facilitate e-invoicing.

Excerpt from Peak Cashflow case study

Client Profile – Peak Cashflow

Peak Cashflow Limited are specialist providers of debtor based funding solutions to the SME market within the UK. Their services include the provision of factoring and invoice discounting facilities to clients with annual sales ranging from £150,000 to £17,000,000.   Working with a broad range of clients, Peak Cashflow take invoicing and debtor details and communicate directly with their clients’ customers to ensure payment of invoices. In so doing, they enable their clients to raise funding from unpaid invoices – improving cash flow.


The Challenge

The Team at Peak Cashflow faced two core issues, brought on by successful business driving year-on-year growth, and the changing demands of an increasingly digital-first audience.

    1. A rising volume of statements to generate, in a variety of layouts, including different components for different clients. The process required at least 3 members of staff to work at least 1 full day each month to generate and send these.
    2. Customers were demanding statements by email, not post.

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