Outsourcing Document Distribution check list

A check list of points to identify the need and value of outsourcing document distribution processes for your business. Use this list to ask the question of your document distribution processes – could we do this better?

Outsourcing Document Distribution Checklist

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Excerpt from the Outsourcing Document Distribution check list:


Document distribution is an integral process within any business. In the modern paradigm of electronic documentation, email is the new postal service and our file servers are fast replacing the filing cabinets of old.

So document distribution is more frequently an email attachment than a photocopy in the post. But is this the most efficient way to distribute and manage documents, or have businesses just fallen into a new way of doing things?

This check-list is designed to enable you to take a step back and evaluate your current document distribution processes, and ask the question: could we do this better? We examine how outsourcing document distribution can streamline processes, reduce IT overheads and ultimately present a competitive advantage to your business.

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