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Excerpt from the Neopost Case Study

Client Profile – Neopost

Neopost is a global supplier of business communication solutions that optimise sending and receiving mail, parcels and emails. Their solutions make business communications faster, cheaper and more efficient, so their clients can communicate more effectively, internally and externally. Faster, more accurate and personalised communications help their partners connect better with customers, building loyalty and attracting new business.


Neopost are leaders in supplying the full range of mailroom equipment to businesses, from printing, to envelope-stuffing, franking and all of the associated consumables. With such a reputation to uphold, they chose their electronic delivery partner, Netsend, extremely carefully.


The Challenge


Neopost faced an increasing demand from customers to deliver invoices by email. In order to fulfil this demand, Neopost found the management of emailing, verifying receipt and dealing with exceptions a high business cost.


In addition to a demand for emailed invoices, Neopost wanted to tackle high delinquency rates amongst customers. This delinquency created significant telephone traffic – both from customers wanting to pay and from the need to follow up late payment issues.


A common excuse for non-payment from customers was that they hadn’t received the invoice, so Neopost needed to find a solution that enabled them to see whether invoices had been read, who had read it, and when.


As a leading supplier of print, fold and envelope-stuffing machines, Neopost seemed an unlikely client to adopt e-invoicing. However, it was exactly this deep understanding of the changing needs in accounts receivable and mailroom processes that drew Neopost to seek a best-of-breed alternative to print and post.

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