Improving Cash Flow and Service through e-billing and e-invoicing

Find out about how electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) provides a means to improved cash flow within a business and enhanced customer experience management externally.

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Excerpt from the white paper:


Whether determining the ongoing health of a business, or positioning it for sale, Free Cash Flow (FCF) is a critical component of value close to every CEO’s heart.


The old adage “Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cash Flow is Reality” rings true. Think of Amazon, apparently never making a profit, or the number of businesses who make a loss year-after-year and somehow keep on going. Yet, run out of cash and you’re out of the game. Free cash flow is the single most relevant indicator that a company is healthy and growing.


One of the biggest factors influencing cash flow is invoicing. It’s critical that businesses are able to invoice quickly and accurately, encouraging prompt payment to bring cash into the business. Yet invoicing processes are often woefully lacking in efficiency, often relying on print and postage and staff dedicated to repetitive tasks. Why are businesses so slow to modernise these processes?


Moreover, invoices are one of the most frequent, and certainly least ignored, touch points with customers. Ensuring a modern, easy-to-consume and accurate connection with customers is a huge boost to customer experience. Can the paradigm of Customer Experience Management (CEM) work hand-in-hand with a drive to modernise invoicing processes and systems, shortening payment cycles and improving customer experience to boot?


It is already happening.


This white paper sets out the market factors driving this revolution, as well as appraising the options open to businesses. Furthermore, examples of global businesses achieving success through such change are given, and an introduction to Netsend, a leader in this space, is made.

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