How Netsend Works

From Envelopes to Email, to EDI

The key to our success with major multinational clients is simple: focus.

Our systems, protocols and people are 100% focused on outsourced document distribution for business critical functions, such as credit management. Whether your requirements include print, email or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) invoicing – Netsend will manage the process for you.

You will see this as you read below. In each section we explain the features and the benefits to our clients, not just in terms of operational efficiency and cost, but also in terms of strategic advantage.


Netsend creates documents by parsing data from your accounts package and combining with previously built templates.


Netsend’s multichannel document delivery service handles email (push and pull), EDI, fax, post, FTP and other formats.


The Netsend portal is a feature-rich, web-based management and analytics platform; configured and branded to your requirements.


Netsend’s customer migration service typically results in a shift to at least 80% electronic invoicing within
12 months.


Headquartered in the UK, Netsend has clients operating in over 52 countries with a variety of language requirements.


Netsend provides a secure
electronic format in order to ensure
compliance with EU Directive 2006/112/EC.


We work with the existing, native data your system can already produce so no configuration or system changes are necessary. The templates we create can match exactly your existing documents and reflect all the brand, layout, territory and other variables you may have.

Our team build templates as part of the initial set-up and many of our clients take the opportunity to enhance, augment or re-design the layouts. We can rationalise multiple variants into a universal format, add nuance and localisation to a generic document or just include additional formatting (including layout and colour) or extra fields, such as contact numbers or remit details.

You can standardise or diversify your document layouts or leave them exactly the same.

Average number of days to install Netsend


File formats can vary by recipient and can include both peer-to-peer e-bills and via popular 3rd party EDI e-invoicing providers such as Tungsten (OB10), Ariba, Tradeshift and Basware. Email is sent in HTML format in order to maintain a professional appearance and enhanced tracking opportunities.

The recipient can set custom subject lines and file size limits to increase adoption and ease of use. Email pull can utilise either username/ password protection or secure embedded hash logon links. Electronic invoicing can be digitally signed with either Advanced or Qualified electronic certificates for VAT compliance.

Netsend provides a singular point of control, monitoring and reporting for delivery via these methods so no matter how your document needs to be sent you have a simple workflow process.

Financial documents sent each month


It allows access, control and transparency over the delivery service and provides an on-going document archive with account management tools. All documents are stored online for a minimum of 12 months, creating an instant archive for easy document search, retrieval and re-sending.

Documents can be stored online indefinitely and many of our clients take advantage of this facility to meet auditing and VAT archive requirements.

The portal provides:

  • Control and transparency
  • Reporting and performance metrics
  • Audit trail & proof of delivery
  • Document analytics
  • Archive and copy request fulfilment
  • Customer account tools including credit card payments
  • Online statement view
  • Integration with Single Sign-On technology
  • Connectivity with Credit workflow software such as Ero57
“Netsend offers VF Corporation complete transparency. I now have the real time visibility I needed to enable proactivity.”

VF Group


The key to successful adoption of e-delivery is to support customer preference, by providing choice and supporting options. We ensure there is an an on-going, systemic approach to the conversion process. We achieve an average conversion of 80% across a wide range of different industries.


Average percentage of electronic format invoices for Netsend customers


Our portal is available in any language, including those with non-Western character sets such as Japanese.

We provide local print and post services, so mail is processed close to its final destination point. This improves delivery speed, whilst reducing stamp expenditure.

All our systems are built around scalable technologies so client and document volumes, as well as multiple and varied access requirements, are easily accommodated.

Number of countries Netsend is deployed in


Netsend provides a secure electronic format that can guarantee the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content of the invoice.

This can be achieved by several methods including by means of an electronic signature, in order to ensure compliance with EU Directive 2006/112/EC.

“Netsend assist us with mitigating our credit exposure risks.”

20th Century Fox

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