Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange, or EDI, has evolved from the preserve of very large corporations, to a far broader enabler in an increasingly electronic age of business.  At its heart, it is a data-transfer technology, enabling high-speed, high-volume structured data or document transfer between businesses.  Electronic data interchange is equally at home supporting high-speed financial transactions, stock and supply-chain management or any other high document value transactional requirement.

Costing 70 times less than its paper-based equivalent, this presents a huge efficiency improvement, as well as savings potential, for businesses with a need to transfer large volumes of structured data, or documents without human involvement in the process.

EDI benefits

Benefits range from faster processing, improved accuracy to compliance and security. Some of the main benefits of using Netsend to enable your EDI solution are listed below.

Faster Processing

As electronic data interchange facilitates pure machine-to-machine data-transfer, speed is one of the cornerstones of its value. Transferring documents and data in a clearly defined format that can be quickly processed by the recipient, presents a massive time saving over processes involving human interaction.

Significant time savings are possible over alternative electronic solutions that require parsing, formatting or the collation of data from multiple sources on the fly.

Improved Accuracy

Accuracy of data transferred by EDI in ensured through automation, standardisation and confirmation. Automation takes data-entry error out of this part of the process.

Standardisation sets the criteria for content and format, ensuring consistency and reducing the capacity for error. Confirmation receipts are sent as acknowledgement of each transfer, indicating success or failure and allowing management by exception.

Invoicing accuracy through AR Automation

Better Integration

Netsend stands apart from traditional EDI solutions through its support of a wide range of standards, and even additional data formats. Traditional solutions require businesses to commit to one platform, or set of standards, limiting future scope for integration with new trading partners.

Netsend presents an open and flexible electronic data interchange solution, enabling a broad range of integrations and never closing off the option to work with future partners who require different standards.

Remove uncertainty with AR Automation

Improved Security

The role of electronic data interchange is to handle sensitive documents and data, and therefore its implementation comes with a substantial focus on security. Modern transfer protocols allow for 256-bit (or higher) encryption, and access to the transferred data can be limited to a particular set of secure systems, with very few opportunities for human access.

With the advent of web-based EDI, more secure standards such as AS2 (for internet), AS3 (for FTP) and AS4 (for web services) have emerged.

Guarantee Receipt with AR Automation

Cost Savings

The savings potential from EDI is significant. These savings are to a large degree predicated on the gains in terms of speed and accuracy.

Research has consistently shown that electronic data interchange costs at most one third of its paper-based equivalent. One report put the cost at 70 times less. A major American company reported a reduction in its order processing costs from $38/order to $1.35/order with this change.

Reduce waste with AR Automation


Netsend offers a uniquely future-proof solution for EDI deployment and integration. As a platform that translates and distributes a vast range of document formats, across a range of media, Netsend has connectors for a large number of electronic data interchange platforms.

Beyond the existing range of networks and standards, Netsend can be used to adapt document content and formatting to work with any number of requirements in the future.

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Netsend is at the vanguard of companies dedicated to eradicating issues of credit control. Through its management of business-critical document distribution, Netsend ensures accurate and efficient delivery of invoices to your customers in the medium which suits them.

Beyond saving time and cost through invoice automation, Netsend enables a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing, reducing errors and driving down DSO.

Netsend also removes the classic challenges of document storage and retrieval for auditing and compliance.  FTSE 100 businesses depend on Netsend to provide secure online access to their document distribution history, facilitating ease of reporting, performance analysis and proof of delivery amongst a range of other document management functions.

Headquartered in the UK, Netsend has clients operating in over 52 countries.

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