Document Security

What it Electronic Document Security?

Document security is of critical importance for businesses.  Without ensuring security of documents, confidential information could easily fall into the wrong hands.  Electronic document distribution vastly improves on the security of traditional paper documents.

Whether sending electronic invoices through e-invoicing, or other business critical documents, Netsend ensures maximum document security alongside visibility of receipt, or approval status.

Document Security Benefits

Netsend ensures maximum security for business documents.  Some of the main benefits of Netsend’s document security features are explained below.

send links to business documents

Send links, not Documents

Sending a link to each document, stored in an online portal, ensures greater security; through the ability to authenticate visitors before granting access to sensitive documents.

Automatic emails can be sent to alert recipients to a new document (e.g. invoice) being made available to them.

monitor readership of business documents

Monitor Readership

Eliminate uncertainty; see who has accessed which documents and when.  Access details, including IP address, are recorded and easily viewed within the Netsend interface.

Differentiation between ‘read’ and ‘accepted’ status for documents is visible and reports can be generated, and downloaded, at the touch of a button.

restrict access to business documents

Restrict Access

Limit access to documents, or admin interface, to particular locations by specifying a range of IP addresses.

Standard access to documents is granted to each individual through the sign-up and authentication process.

encrypt business document transfers

Encrypt Connections

Where documents are delivered directly to customers, e.g. EDI integration for e-invoicing, Netsend applies 256-bit SSL encryption.
target the delivery of business documents

Targeted Delivery

Have confidence in your document delivery.  Sending documents to specific individuals via Netsend ensures that only the correct individual can access the document.  The recipient clicks the link in the email and then signs in to the portal (unless they are already signed in).

If an email was ever intercepted or accidentally forwarded, no one other than the intended recipient would have the correct login credentials to access the document.

If a recipient doesn’t log on, this can be used as a trigger to chase them automatically or via an alert for someone to call them directly.

legal acceptance of business documents

Legal Acceptance

Modernise your document approval process.  Where documents constitute contracts, or agreements, a button can be embedded in the document with ‘click to accept’, or words to that effect.  Clicking this is considered to be a legally binding action.

Document administrators can bring up a list of which recipients have accepted, or just read, each document.

A downloadable audit log is updated to include time, date, IP address, username, email or other identifier of who approved the document and when.

Find out more about Netsend

Netsend is at the vanguard of companies dedicated to eradicating issues of credit control. Through its management of business-critical document distribution, Netsend ensures accurate and efficient delivery of invoices to your customers in the medium which suits them.

Beyond saving time and cost through invoice automation, Netsend enables a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing, reducing errors and driving down DSO.

Netsend also removes the classic challenges of document storage and retrieval for auditing and compliance.  FTSE 100 businesses depend on Netsend to provide secure online access to their document distribution history, facilitating ease of reporting, performance analysis and proof of delivery amongst a range of other document management functions.

Headquartered in the UK, Netsend has clients operating in over 52 countries.

Download the Netsend brochure to find out more.

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