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Netsend has a long history in providing electronic document distribution and the automation of manual processes. Starting life in 1994 as a fax broadcast service, Netsend embraced the opportunities provided by the Internet to pioneer new technologies and distribution channels.

Netsend is now trusted by thousands of businesses globally, operating in over 52 countries, in multiple languages.

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Our History

Our e-billing service and portal was launched in 2005. Built and maintained in the UK by our own in-house development team. Headquartered in the UK, we now support clients operating in over 52 countries.

Netsend is constantly evolving as we refine processes, add new functionality and develop our service, based on input from clients and their customers.

More than just secure and streamlined document distribution, Netsend has evolved to provide a range of highly valued tools and services. Businesses rely on the Netsend portal to provide audit-trail, performance analytics and direct management of invoicing exceptions.

In a fast-evolving and competitive market, we help our clients stay one step ahead.

Our Solution

Through its management of business critical document distribution, Netsend ensures accurate and efficient delivery of invoices to your customers in the medium which suits them.

Beyond saving time and cost through invoice automation, Netsend enables a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing, reducing errors and driving down DSO.

Netsend also removes the classic challenges of document storage and retrieval for auditing and compliance. Global businesses depend on Netsend to provide secure online access to their document distribution history, facilitating ease of reporting, performance analysis and proof of delivery amongst a range of other document management functions.

Our Clients

Netsend is trusted by everyone from FTSE 100 and global blue-chip companies, to household names and SMEs. Netsend is used daily by hundreds of businesses to manage the distribution of business critical documents.

Every client has their own set of challenges, yet Netsend quickly plugs into existing systems and processes to enable a risk-free and seamless shift towards electronic invoicing and document control.

We work with some of the most demanding security and performance requirements for international businesses, helping our clients handle vast volumes of sensitive documents and meet compliance demands.

Management Team

Patrick Dodd-Noble

Founding Director

Patrick Dodd Noble

A founding member of Netsend, Patrick Dodd-Noble has wide-ranging experience in growing businesses across sectors including aviation, property, telecommunications and the internet. His business acumen has proved vital in developing Netsend and its product.

Patrick drives the company’s profitable growth and shapes global strategy, as well as defining product development and service innovations.

As MD, his focus on excellence of customer experience has helped Netsend cement its reputation as a unique, well-regarded and quality offering.

Lee Allen

Founding Director, Sales and Marketing

Lee Allen - Founding Director, Sales and Marketing

Lee is a founding Director at Netsend Limited with over 25 years of sales and management experience in tech-based business-to-business environments.

An active contributor to the Credit Management profession, he speaks regularly at credit forums, trade fairs and exhibitions and produces thought leadership pieces for trade magazines and websites.

He is a member of the Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals and holds Non-Executive Director positions with both the Association of International Credit Directors and the Association of Credit for Central and Eastern Europe.

Lucy Dodd

Head of Client Services

Lucy Dodd - Client Relationship Manager

Lucy is responsible for ensuring the client service team reflect and uphold our ethos of ‘We believe the client is all’.

Having worked first as a Client Services Executive, then as a Relationship Manager Lucy has the skills and experience to lead and nurture the client services team. Her goal is to ensure we always provide exemplary client service so our clients enjoy the full potential of Netsend.

Leading by example Lucy also maintains the portfolio of strategic clients as their Relationship Manager.

Phillip LeBlanc

Client Relationship Manager

Phillip LeBlanc - Client Relationship Manager

Phillip manages commercial relationships with existing clients, protecting and ensuring the maintenance of superior service delivery, whilst at the same time constantly striving to identify new opportunities to enhance the clients’ experience.

He works closely with clients to identify how Netsend can help to develop their business. Through having a strategic overview, Phillip positively monitors and analyses clients’ business processes, helping to enhance systems and eradicate unproductiveness.

Our Ethos

  1. We believe the client is all
  2. We believe nothing is too much trouble and all things are possible
  3. We believe the harder it is to achieve, the more valuable it is
  4. We believe your problem is our problem (and an opportunity for us both)
  5. We believe if it was easy, everyone would do it
  6. We believe in exemplary customer service
  7. We believe in making Netsend the best

Adelle Cocis

Head of Marketing

Adelle Cocis - Head of Marketing

Adelle possesses the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. Her drive is to innovate more powerful and profitable ways to listen creatively to customers and turn the emerging insights into business ideas that generate profit in annual revenue. She speaks several languages such as french, tech, marketer, designer, salesperson, and difficult client.

At its core, marketing at Netsend starts with the user and ends with technology, bringing both together in innovative ways with a tireless work ethic.

Adelle brings to Netsend the vast expertise of a digital marketing, PR and communication professional with 6 years of B2B and B2C experience in pharma, tech, diplomacy, professional services and SaaS. She has a natural affinity for social media and online advertising with an emphasis on customer psychology, the mechanics of brand perception and content consumption.

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