Document Distribution: Best Practice and Future-Proofing

Outlining best practice in the distribution of business documents and the steps to achieve this effectively.

Document Distribution Best Practice and Future-Proofing

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Excerpt from the white paper:


The biggest threat to business success is, often, wasted time. Which is why there has been so much innovation to improve business efficiency through technological innovation. Indeed, virtually every area of business has felt radical change from digital transformation over the past few decades.


Cost and competitive advantage drive the need for improved efficiency. This call is typically answered by digital transformation of business processes, affording faster, more accurate and integrated operation.


But against the backdrop of rapid digital evolution, one important area resists change; the distribution of the most critical of business documents. Many businesses still insist on delivering invoices, contracts and all manner of legal or financial documents as paper documents with handwritten signatures.


This hesitancy is more than just human resistance to change. It’s an ingrained reluctance to alter anything pertaining to the most sensitive of business processes and documents. So as the lower value-density of general communications shift to email, instant messages and beyond, the higher value-density of legal and financial document distribution remain, for many businesses, as paper.


However, change is afoot. As businesses struggle to compete in increasingly competitive markets, sometime the only competitive advantage is the lower cost and higher speed of doing business that electronic document distribution affords. In addition to competitive advantage, document distribution processes hold the key to more secure management of sensitive documents.


In this paper, we look at best practice across key areas of document distribution, as well as practical steps for businesses to modernise their document distribution.

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