A virtual mailroom, or virtual postroom, is a name used to describe an office which houses computers sending electronic post (such as monthly statements) to customers. It is termed a ‘virtual’ postroom because the invoices and statements being sent out from that room are in electronic form, sent via e-mail, or an e-mail link, to your customers. As your company develops and customer numbers increase, your virtual mailroom and the way in which it is managed will become an integral to the running of your company.

Using a Virtual Mailroom for Electronic Document Distribution

With electronic document distribution, your virtual postroom need not be more than one computer which houses your client database. Document distribution systems will interact with this database and send documents when they are due to be dispatched. The virtual mailroom when used in this way saves space and time, compared to postal methods of document distribution.

The use of a virtual mailroom for document distribution is a relatively modern concept, and will give a fine impression to your clients and customers. The virtual mailroom also shows a high level of technological capability, which will appear professional and inspire your clients to trust you. This in turn, means that possessing a virtual mailroom or virtual postroom can assist you in your plight to win more customers and keep your client base growing.

Outsourcing your Virtual Mailroom

The task of a virtual mailroom is often outsourced to a specialist company, especially as your client base begins to grow rapidly. The virtual mailroom of this outsourced company will also contain a virtual postroom. This means that the outsourced company can manage document distribution to your entire client base, no matter if some receive electronic post and others, paper post. The outsourced virtual mailroom will also be able to handle your fax requirement.

Outsourcing your virtual mailroom and virtual postroom becomes more appropriate as your numbers of clients increase. As your document distribution needs grow, it is more likely that you will begin to require specialist equipment in your virtual postroom, such as a folder inserter machine, or larger printers. Purchasing these for your own virtual mailroom could be expensive, and you will undoubtedly require extra staff to run these machines and your document distribution. Outsourcing your virtual postroom means that all this is don’t for you, and by a company such as Netsend, who are experienced in this field and can offer you cost effective, reliable document distribution.

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