Often, electronic post you receive will have arrived in your e-mail inbox via a virtual mailroom or a virtual postroom. The idea of a virtual mailroom came to exist as companies developed the ability to transfer more of their document distribution needs from post and fax to electronic means. Now a common feature of the modern business, virtual mailrooms are becoming extremely trendy, and give strong competition to those who have not yet acquired a virtual mailroom.

Definition of a Virtual Postroom

A virtual postroom is another word for a virtual mailroom. The virtual postroom is really a computer system of sending document to customers without them being printed onto paper. The terms virtual postroom and virtual mailroom have come to exist because they take over the job of a traditional postroom which would sort and post transactional documents, such as statements, in the past.

Why do companies use a Virtual Postroom?

The virtual mailroom has become popular for a number of reasons. Firstly, by removing the need for companies to print, envelope and post their transactional documents. This aspect to a virtual mailroom saves companies a lot of money in postage costs and the purchasing of paper and envelopes. The company also does not need to buy or run a folder inserter machine for enveloping this post.

Secondly, the virtual postroom delivers invoices faster than postal methods, allowing businesses profit maximisation and better financial management. An electronically sent invoice will arrive with the customer sooner than a posted one. This means payment of that invoice can potentially happen sooner. Electronic invoice presentment and payment is the system by which this is possible, and is a prominent feature of the virtual postroom.

What part does a Fax Machine play in a Virtual Mailroom?

The virtual postroom does not render the fax machine redundant as it is still a useful method of document distribution, especially in B2B transactions. Other businesses will wish to pay invoices promptly, and the arrival of a fax is more obvious than the arrival of an e-mail. A statement sent by fax also has similar features to a virtual mailroom due to its instant arrival.

More information on the virtual mailroom and how it enables you to receive electronic post is can be found using the following link: Netsend. Netsend is a company which runs virtual postrooms and virtual mailrooms on behalf of other businesses.

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