Transactional document distribution is one of the most important tasks for a company. Everyday a multitude of documents require sending, and the way in which this is conducted affects the image a company projects to their client base. Transactional documents include those relating to a business transaction with a customer, usually a service which the customer has received. Web invoicing has revolutionised the way in which transactional document distribution is conducted in modern society.

Transactional Document Distribution is the main form of communication a company has with its customers and other businesses. Web invoicing gives a more professional service that that offered when using fax or post. Primarily due to the speed and ease of document distribution, and the way in which a customer can pay their invoice via a link which forms part of their invoice.

Web Invoicing: Keeping your Customers Happy

Transactional document distribution using web invoicing is pleasing to customers because of the speedy invoice arrival once sent. Both business and customer can improve their financial management and have the control over incoming and outgoing money which web invoicing allows.

Alternatives in Transactional Document Distribution

If a customer does not feel comfortable with web invoicing then transactional document distribution can be carried out by post using a folder inserter or fax. These methods of transactional document distribution are both as effective as web invoicing, but offer greater risks of document interception or loss en route to the customer. However, once received, post and fax can be seen as advantageous to web invoicing because the customer receives a paper copy of the document which can be pinned to a notice board, or left somewhere prominent that the customer will remember to pay it. Managing transactional document distribution by e-mail, fax and post can become complex, and outsourcing to a company such as Netsend can offer assistance to companies.

Storage of Transactional Documents

Once customers have been web invoiced, they have the ability to store their documents on their personal computers. Similarly, a company sending these documents will save them electronically using a network of computers. With transactional document distribution, document archives must legally be kept for a period of time. Computer storage is safer and easier to search and sort than paper storage of documents, which risk fire or water damage. Netsend can also offer advice on online document storage and archiving.

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