Transactional documents are those which you send regularly to your customers. They include invoices, statements and dunning letters. As your primary communication with customers, your transactional document distribution method will be important in the image you portray to them.

A Web Invoiced Customer is a Happy Customer

Web invoicing is a system of transactional document distribution which will benefit you, and your customers. Web invoicing is the sending of documents to customers using the internet, as opposed to by fax or post. Transactional document distribution using the internet is a feature which should important to your company for several important reasons.

Technology: First of all, the ability to offer customers web invoicing as a way of transactional document distribution will make you come across better a company. Being able to show a customer that you are technologically aware and up with the times will give them a better overall view of your company, and give you an edge over your competitors.

Security: Web invoicing is a more secure technique of transactional document distribution than fax or post. Web invoicing sends invoices or invoice notifications using e-mail. This is instantly more secure as a customer needs to give a password to even view your e-mail. The invoice you send using web invoicing can easily be password protected also.

Usability: As well as transactional document distribution, web invoicing can also offer a simple and convenient way for your customer to pay their invoice. You can attach a link to that invoice to a safe payment page on your company website as soon as they read their invoice. This will benefit both you and them as it facilitates speedy invoice payment and can help you and your customer in money management.

The Environment: Transactional document distribution by web invoicing or fax means that you no longer need to print and post documents. This and other environmental practices in your office will make you popular with green minded customers. It also could gain you a high profile among other companies, who will aspire to exude a similar environmentally healthy image in the in transactional document distribution.

The above attributes to the use of web invoicing use in transactional document distribution should make it clear that if you are not already using web invoicing you may be missing out! More information on how to implement a web invoicing system in your office can be found at the following URL Netsend.

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