Transactional documents are those sent out by companies, to customers, in relation to a service which has been received. As these documents often facilitate for that service, transactional document distribution is very important to a company and should be carried out as efficiently as possible.

Comparing Web Invoicing and the Postal Service for Transactional Document Distribution

Speed of Delivery

Transactional document distribution should be as fast as possible as this will smooth the progress of a speedy payment. Fast invoice payment is essential for the problem-free running of a company and credit control. Using web invoicing for transactional document distribution allows invoices to arrive with a customer as soon as the ‘send’ button is clicked. This is also true of transactional document distribution using a fax machine. Web invoicing therefore enables a customer to receive their invoice up to 3 days sooner than they might if sent using the post.

Speed of Payment

If transactional document distribution is fast then the payment of invoices contained in those documents will also be. Web invoicing enables invoices to provide a ‘Pay right now’ link, which would take a customer to a secure payment page. In this way, web invoicing conveniences businesses, who receive payment sooner, and customers, who can cross that invoice payment off their ‘to do’ list.

Transactional document distribution using a fax machine or the post does not offer this; although these invoices can contain the URL address to the secure payment page. Invoice payment methods which rely on post or telephone are more time consuming for customers and in some ways are less secure.


As transactional document distribution concerns money, document security is highly important. Web invoicing offers a secure sending and payment method, as it does not allow customers to view their documents without first verifying their identity. Web invoicing as a transactional document distribution method is highly secure when compare with post. Transactional document distribution by post requires the invoice to travel via a third party, to an address whose security is unknown. Transactional document distribution by fax also does not require the recipient to verify their identity; meaning that web invoicing is the most secure method of transactional document distribution.

The ability for a company to outsource transactional document distribution is playing a role in keeping the postal service in business. A company such as Netsend could happily balance web invoicing with fax or postal invoicing, where a non-specialist business might struggle and abolish postal invoicing.

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