Transactional document distribution is the mailing of transactional documents to customers like you. Your phone bill is an excellent example of a transactional document because it is a document summarising a transaction between you and your phone company – you buying their services. Transactional document distribution can be carried out by post, fax machine or using web invoicing, by e-mail.

Your Phone Company’s method of Transactional Document Distribution

As stated above, the method of transactional document distribution can be by post, fax or e-mail. All of these are valid options for you; however, since the development of web invoicing it has become apparent that e-mail is superior to fax or post.

Web Invoicing

If web invoicing is already your phone company’s desired method of transactional document distribution, then you will be familiar with its advantages. Being web invoiced allows you to view your phone bill as soon as it is dispatched to you, using the internet. Transactional document distribution is required by law to comply with the data protection act; so your details are in no way accessible to anyone but you on the internet. Web invoicing will either send you an e-mail with your basic statement, or an e-mail link to your account with that company, where your statement is accessible.

Many customers prefer web invoicing as a method of transactional document distribution because of the ease in paying that invoice. Often web invoiced customers will be sent their statement with simple link allowing them to pay for their services immediately, through a protected page on that company’s website.

Why is Web Invoicing a better method of Transactional Document Distribution?

Compared with e-mail or fax, web invoicing will quickly become a preferred transactional document distribution method. The speed and convenience of web invoicing is clear from the instant arrival, once sent, of transactional documents; and the way in which they can be accessed using the internet.

Transactional document distribution by post is also less secure in terms of the potential interruption of your phone bill on its way to you. This could be to loss, damage, theft – or even that it was accidentally unsent in the first place. Transactional document distribution by fax or web invoicing is better, as the company sending your phone bill actually receive electronic confirmation that the document has been sent and successfully arrived at its destination.

A limitation to web invoicing could be that it is more difficult to set up than other methods of transactional document distribution. Advice on web invoicing and other transactional document distribution techniques can be found on the Netsend website.

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