Transactional document distribution is a primary source of paper use in a modern company. Transactional documents are simply those relating to any transaction with a customer, fellow company, or even between departments of the same company. Traditionally transactional document distribution was solely carried out in postal form; however over the past 15 years fax and web invoicing have begun to replace post as easier, faster and cheaper methods of transactional document distribution.

Transactional Document Distribution without Paper

Using web invoicing, transactional document distribution can be carried out electronically. This lessens the need to ever print them onto paper, as they do not need to be sent by post. Web invoicing is also better than using a fax machine for transactional document distribution because a fax machine transfers document to customer in paper form; albeit not on paper from your office.

Web Invoicing

Web invoicing has become integral to transactional document distribution in the modern world. Web invoicing involves sending a customer their invoice using e-mail as opposed to fax or the post. This method of transactional document distribution provides a customer with their invoice as either part of an e-mail or as a link from an e-mail.

Transactional document distribution by web invoicing is not only a step towards a paperless office, but also offers a multitude of advantages for your company. Web invoicing is a more secure method of transactional document distribution because customers must verify their identity in order to view their document. This is done by asking the customer to answer a set of personal questions correctly before they can be transferred to their document.

Web invoicing is a faster method of transactional document distribution than post or fax. Because of this your company sends and receives payment for invoices more quickly. In this respect, web invoicing allows better financial management for you and your customers.

utsourcing your Transactional Document Distribution

The outsourcing of transactional document distribution is something which can give you a competitive advantage over a company who handles financial documents internally. Outsourcing transactional document distribution is also often cheaper than employing staff to run this and buying the hardware required for running your system efficiently. Also, if you do not have to worry about transactional document distribution yourself, you can put more time and effort into improving your services. The Netsend website can offer more information on this outsourcing of transactional document distribution.

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