‘Transactional document’ is the term which broadly describes the mail you receive in association with a purchase (or transaction) you have made from a company. Transactional documents include invoices, statements and receipts of purchase. Therefore transactional document distribution is the act of distributing these to you. In the past 10 years web invoicing has improved transactional document distribution by allowing it to be carried out electronically via the internet.

How was transactional Document Distribution carried out before the internet?

Before web invoicing was available, transactional document distribution was done by fax or using the postal service. Although this was an equally effective way for transactional documents to reach you, the postal service proved expensive and time consuming. Fax machines provided better transactional document distribution, but were limited in who they could reach, as a fax machine is not always a feature of every home.

Environmentally, post and fax were flawed in their high usage of paper in transactional document distribution. At present, many billions of transactional documents are dispatched on a daily basis, much to the detriment of the world’s forests!

So web invoicing is a better method of transactional document distribution?

Yes, web invoicing offers a simple and environmentally friendly way for transactional documents to be sent. Web invoicing lets you receive your invoice via e-mail, so you can access it anywhere in the world. You are also able to pay your invoice online using transactional document distribution, which can be convenient in your financial management as payments are often transferred in real time – or with a maximum delay of 2 working days. This is better than waiting for the cheque you have sent to be processed by your company.

I am not currently receiving transactional documents electronically, how can I start?

Firstly, you must check that companies you interact with offer web invoicing for transactional document distribution. Some smaller companies may not, however larger ones will. If you are currently receiving transactional documents by post or fax, you will need to access your company’s website and make a request to be included in their web invoicing system. This can be done by sending an e-mail; alternatively there may be a section on their website for you to register your requested change. This may take a few days (or even weeks) to register, as it is possible your company has outsourced their transactional document distribution needs to a business such as Netsend.

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