The paperless office is not a literal term, instead referring to an office with minimal paper usage, where electronic document distribution is a primary postage method. Electronic document distribution sends invoices and statements to customers without the use of paper, printing, envelopes, folder inserters or postage costs! In a paperless office interaction with customers, other companies (clients) and within that company are done using e-mail and electronic document distribution.

Electronic Document Distribution

As the main feature of a paperless office, electronic document distribution is very important. It involves the sending of invoices or statements to customers in an e-mail, or as a link from an e-mail. Electronic document distribution is preferred by companies and customers alike as it offers the automatic sending of documents, so fewer staff are needed to run the system. Also electronic document distribution sends invoices and statements in a way which guarantees instant arrival with customer – paving the way for a faster payment.

The paperless office does not implicate a lesser service for customers. Documents are created to appear identical to their paper counterparts. The electronic document distribution system mail merges customer details with frames of invoices or statements. This means that a customer receiving an item from a paperless office will be able to print that document and it will appear the same as documents which arrived before electronic document distribution existed.Incentives behind the Paperless Office

Cost: The paperless office reduces the amount a company will spend on paper, postage and running machinery such as printers and folder inserters. Money is also saved by electronic document distribution as the system computerises document sending so staff numbers can be cut and money saved on wages.

Speed: The paperless office achieves a faster rate of document sending using electronic document distribution. The automatic sending of invoices and statements offers better customer service and also can allow a faster rate of invoice payment from customers. The outsourcing of a paperless office could ease the transition from paper to electronic post for customers and company. Both will need to adjust and Netsend can offer information the smoothest way to make this change; or conduct this task on a company’s behalf.

Simplicity: A paperless office is easier to run than a present day one because of the benefits of electronic document distribution and document storage. Electronic document distribution stores invoices and archives of them on computers and using the internet. This means that searching for a document in a paperless office simply involves conducting a computerised search. Equally, a paperless office does not have to donate space to large file storage cabinets, which are extremely vulnerable to theft, damage or loss.

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