A paperless office is a concept first established in the early 1990s as computers began to replace filing cabinets as document storage centres. Now, in addition to electronic document storage, the internet is allowing us to use electronic document distribution to send invoices and statements to customers. This birth of electronic document distribution has taken the notion of a paperless office to a more realistic level; as a result, minimal paper usage is something which should be at the forefront of a modern company’s mind.

How can I develop a Paperless Office?

The key to developing a paperless office is making changes as soon as possible. This way when further steps towards a paperless office become available you are up-to-date and ready to make them. If you are not already employing electronic document distribution to send invoices and statements, now is the time to begin. Companies who specialise in the features of a paperless office (such as electronic document distribution and EIPP) can be consulted for assistance or even the outsourcing of these tasks. More information on this outsourcing can be found on the Netsend website.

Electronic document distribution is a simple system whereby a database of client information is used to electronically and automatically send invoices or statements out when they are due. As this avoids printing and physically sending these invoices in an envelope, it is a very important step towards a paperless office.

Will my Customers be Happy with the changes needed for a Paperless Office?

For the most part, yes; your customers will enjoy the benefits of a paperless office as much as you do. While a paperless office and electronic document distribution provide a cheaper, speedier and generally easier way for you to send statements or invoices, it can also be that for your customers. Electronic document distribution allows your customers to receive their invoices online; so they can receive them anywhere there is internet, at any time. They will also be able to use EIPP to pay their invoices online, which will prove easier and cheaper for them.

Your customers will also appreciate the environmental side to electronic document distribution and the paperless office. A paperless office is a green office, and as a modern company this should be something of importance to you. Also, by reducing the need for printers and folder inserter machines in the office, electronic document distribution reduces the carbon footprint of your company.

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