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Eradicating Negative Cash Flow

By Arthur Kaufman, Independent writer and speaker  Let me start by saying I am eminently unqualified to write what you're about to read.  I have no qualifications in finance, banking or the credit industry, nor any experience in running a business of any kind.   Even...

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Accounts Receivable Best Practice: 7 Steps for Improving Productivity

Accounts Receivable best practice has at least one element in common with virtually any other best practice recommendation for business.  Lose the paper, go digital.  It’s staggering to think that, even in some global businesses, AR teams may be printing,...

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How can Outsourcing your Accounts Receivable Improve Cash Flow and Efficiency?

By Gary Brooks, Business Partner at Hitachi Europe  It somehow feels counter-intuitive that moving tasks and processes out of reach geographically, entrusting them to people who are not your direct employees, can enhance efficiency and generate cash flow benefits....

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