Outsourced document distribution is the act of reassigning your document distribution needs to a company who focus on this area of business. Outsourced document distribution can help you to achieve a paperless office by taking responsibility for the sending of all your outgoing documents. This is achieved using a simple business invoicing system, or computer software package, which simplifies your document distribution needs.

What does Outsourced Document Distribution Involve?

Outsourced document distribution places your mailing needs in the hands of a company who are specialists in this field. Therefore, they will be able to conduct this task cost and time efficiently as they have spent many years developing their document distribution systems. A company who uses outsourced document distribution will often save money because they do not need to buy specialist hardware or employ trained personnel to deal with document distribution internally.

Simple Business Invoicing

Simple business invoicing is an alternative to outsourced document distribution. Simple business invoicing is a computer package which helps you to set up an electronic document distribution system within your own company. A company who sends many transactional documents is still recommended to use outsourced document distribution, however.

Simple business invoicing is a system similar to that used by a company to whom you might have outsourced document distribution. It is advised if your company has a smaller client base, or you are beginning to stop offering postal or fax invoices. Simple business invoicing involves managing outgoing documents using a database, and tracking those documents. For example, a simple business invoicing system will know which customers have been sent invoices and whether or not they have been paid at any one time.

Is Simple Business Invoicing cheaper than Outsourced Document Distribution?

The answer to this question lies in the size of your company. A company with very few clients or customers will undoubtedly not need outsourced document distribution, as simple business invoicing will satisfy their document output needs. For a larger company, outsourced document distribution is almost inevitable.

Outsourced document distribution is cheaper when document distribution becomes a strain on your company because of the size of your client base. It is therefore cheaper for a specialist company to take on this task for you. This is especially true because attempting your own document distribution when you are not ready can result in expensive holdbacks in the teething process.

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