It is more than likely that your phone bill has arrived with you via a company to whom your phone service provider has outsourced document distribution. Companies sending out a large number of invoices or statements very often use outsourced document distribution as a way to keep on top of their mounting postal (or e-mail) needs.

How does Outsourced Document Distribution work?

Basically your phone company have a database of all its customers (including you!) which tells it your personal details and information on services you have received and invoices which are due to you. With outsourced document distribution, another company is employed to manage this database in terms of knowing when you must be sent an invoice, or dunning letter requesting payment. This company are then in charge of sending you these documents.

Why does my Phone Company use Outsourced Document Distribution?

Your phone company may use outsourced document distribution as a cheaper alternative to training their staff to deal with mass amounts of documents to be delivered. Outsourced document distribution then allows your company to dedicate more of its energy into improving your phone and customer service.

Simple Business Invoicing: The Alternative to Outsourced Document Distribution

If your company chooses to not use outsourced document distribution then their alternative option could be purchasing a simple business invoicing computer software package. Simple business invoicing packages are comprehensive guides for companies on how to deal with mass document distribution.

The simple business invoicing package would usually be inappropriate for a company the size of your phone service provider. This is because simple business invoicing cannot assist in the sending of postal mail, and a bulk of customers using a phone service may prefer to receive invoices by post. Simple business invoicing can be used for electronic mail as it automates its sending just like outsourced document distribution. However, to generate post, documents must be folded into envelopes and the envelopes sealed. The man power needed for this will be more than your phone company can afford. Especially when a cheaper alternative is to be found with outsourced document distribution; here the company to whom the task has been outsourced will undoubtedly have an abundance of folder inserter machines to speed up the enveloping task. A company using simple business invoicing could quite happily invest in one of these, but it is far cheaper in the long sun to outsource this paper document distribution to a company such as Netsend.

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