After a busy start to 2020, helping clients adapt billing processes to prevent impact from the coronavirus lockdown, we felt it was now appropriate to take stock and talk a little more about our exciting plans for the future.

2019 was a transformative year for Netsend. After much research and deliberation, we identified the perfect opportunity to accelerate the growth of Netsend beyond the trajectory of the last 15 years. Rather than taking outside investment and going it alone, we chose to become part of Corcentric − a business assiduously focussed on all things cash flow related.

Corcentric, a leading provider of procurement and finance solutions that transform how companies purchase, pay, and get paid, already understands many of the opportunities and constraints associated with delivering financial process automation and cash flow management services for global businesses.

Netsend fits extremely well into Corcentric as a whole. The relationship enables us to leverage a broader development workforce and to support infrastructure and access to industry experts, across a range of verticals, in more locations than ever before.

So, what does this actually mean for you, our clients?

Service Levels and User Experience

As seen over the last year, it’s largely business as usual. With a service like Netsend, no one wants to see disruptive change. The benefits of our new partnership are being deployed to enhance and evolve existing service levels and platform capabilities through updates such as the move to Zendesk for support tickets.

User experience of any platform should improve over time, as we learn from feedback and capitalise on advances in technology. Consequently, the Netsend platform will evolve to extend the current capabilities and ultimately offer integration as part of a suite of complementary additional services from Corcentric.

Rest assured, no functionality will be lost, there will be no sudden changes, and no one will need to migrate to a new Corcentric version of Netsend.

Improvements to the Netsend Platform

Netsend has always operated at the frontier of credit management, overturning existing paradigms. In order to strengthen this position, we knew our development focus had to accelerate further. Having access to a wider development team and associated infrastructure is enabling us to do exactly this.

One of the big development projects, through 2019 into 2020, has been the radical streamlining of the Netsend platform’s code base. Through this work, we are now able to deliver performance enhancements that capitalise on recent advances in cloud-based architecture.  What previously took several thousand lines of code now can be achieved in a few hundred.

Here at Netsend, we believe in evolution, not revolution. Functionality enhancements will be released over the coming months − complementing and extending the capabilities our clients know and love.

A beta version is already being rolled out to existing customers. Thorough testing and refinement will ensure the best possible version is released when the beta phase is over.

The Netsend Team and Offices

Netsend is headquartered in Battersea, London, and will remain so for the foreseeable future.  Remote working has always been part of our DNA, but has been taken to new extremes through the coronavirus lockdown. Our processes and service architecture have adapted perfectly to the changes of the last few months and will continue to provide a resilient, reliable service however long these restrictions remain in place, and beyond.

As part of a larger organisation now, with offices in the US and other European cities, we are equipped with a broader reach across time zones, further enhancing our capacity for support and service delivery.

Netsend continues to hire and grow within the supporting framework of a larger business. As our client base grows, we will recruit and train to maintain the level of dedicated service our clients have come to expect from Netsend.

About Corcentric

Corcentric is a leading provider of procurement and finance solutions that transform how companies purchase, pay, and get paid. Corcentric’s procurement, accounts payable, and accounts receivable solutions empower companies to spend smarter, optimise cash flow, and drive profitability. Since 1996, more than 6,000 customers from the middle market to the Fortune 1000 have used Corcentric to reduce costs and improve working capital. Learn more at, or follow Corcentric on LinkedIn.

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