Well the answer is quite a lot really! A folder inserter is the machine which folds your phone statement and inserts it into an envelope ready for your phone company to post to you. It is likely that much of the post you receive has been created using a folder inserter. Folder inserters are very valuable to companies who send heap amounts of post out; so especially those who regularly send invoices and statements to their customers.

Is it better to get my phone bill by post?

This depends on your personal preference. For your phone company, using a folder inserter to envelope your statement and then having to post it is more expensive than electronic methods. However, a business such as Netsend can be used by your phone company to carry out this folder inserter machine task, making it easier. Whether or not your post arrives having been through a folder inserter is your choice. You may need a paper copy of your phone bill, in which case the folder inserter postal method is more appropriate for you.

Does the folder inserter machine put staff out of a job?

No, not at all; the folder inserter deals with such accumulations of post that an unreasonably large work force would be required to envelope your statements. Folder inserters have been existent for some time. In fact it is fair to say that folder inserters were created as a quick response to companies suddenly needing to send out large amounts of post. For many years the phone statements you receive will have been enveloped by a folder inserter. Folder inserters today are definitely getting faster and more efficient though, especially with such competition from electronic methods of invoice sending.

Is the folder inserter more likely to make a mistake?

The folder inserter is a very reliable method of invoice enveloping, so you don’t need to worry about your invoice being sent to the wrong person! The folder inserter is constantly manned while it is folding, and the first envelope of every batch is opened to ensure the correct number of pages is being inserted. If the folder inserter began to fold incorrectly this would be very quickly obvious as the address on the statement would cease to appear in the window of the envelopes. Staff who work with the folder inserters are specially trained to observe any errors before they escalate into issues with your post.

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