As your client base grows, the way in which you send post to them will become increasingly important. The folder inserter machine can help with this by speeding up the rate at which invoices and statements are transferred to envelopes ready for posting.

Electronic post is important for your growing company, but certain customers will still prefer enveloped post. As your company grows and more customers wish for traditional postal methods to be used for their invoices, a folder inserter machine may be a wise investment. Advantages of this include:

  • The folder inserter is faster than traditional manual methods of folding statements into envelopes and applying a postage stamp.
  • Using a folder inserter instead of employees is cheaper. A folder inserter only needs only one person to supervise as it creates post.
  • Once purchased, a folder inserter machine is unlikely to need replacing for at least 10 years.
  • Expensive folder inserters can envelope as many as 7000 statements per hour.
  • The folder inserter enables you to keep up with your developing client base and not leave behind those customers preferring to receive invoices in the post.
  • The post created by a folder inserter will appear professional and neat.
  • The folder inserter is able to process invoices of 5 or more pages; and can be programmed to include advertisements for your company in the envelopes to be posted.

It is clear that folder inserters are more efficient at dealing with your postal needs than traditional ways to send post. If a decision is not made to purchase a folder inserter, then it is recommended to outsource this task to a company specialising in postal needs. An example of such can be seen on the Netsend website. Netsend is a company with multiple folder inserters. Outsourcing your enveloping needs may become essential if you company grows large enough. This will also save you the time and money needed to train your staff to create post using a folder inserter machine. If used incorrectly a folder inserter can be more hassle than it is worth.

To conclude, a folder inserter machine, or the services of one will become essential for any growing company. A large client base means a lot of pages of invoices or statements are going to need posting, and the way in which this is done will strongly affect your company image!

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