A modern company must be able to keep up with the internet revolution, while not neglecting the fact that many B2B or B2C interactions happen by post. Sometimes this post may be a one-off document, at other times it may involve a large number of customer invoices, statements or related messages. Folder inserters are machines most useful when posting many documents.

What does a Folder Inserter do?

A folder inserter is used when sending batches of invoices or statements in envelopes by post. The folder inserter has shelves into which paper invoices are fed on one side of it. The other side of the folder inserter is loaded with envelopes into which post will be placed. As the name suggests, the folder inserter takes each individual statement, folds it, and places it into an envelope ready to be posted. This process is fast and efficient, so the folder inserter can save a company time and money when sending a large amount of post.

Multiple Page Documents

Folder inserter machines are capable of handling documents of up to 5 pages, as can be the nature of extensive invoices or statements. The only requirement of the folder inserter when handling such documents is that it receives only same length documents at a time. So for example, in a batch of invoices, all the 2 page invoices would be fed into the folder inserter at a time. The folder inserter will then require quickly re-programming in order to accept documents of a different size to be posted.

Another interesting feature of the folder inserter is that it will allow you to incorporate advertisements into your statements. The folder inserter can be programmed to fold various paper sizes and include them in the same item of post. This is a good way for you to communicate offers and new services to customers in your invoices or statements. This folder inserter method is also more successful than an advert included in e-mail correspondence with clients.

Mass Mailing Companies

If you do not feel your company is financially ready to purchase a folder inserter machine, but feel your postal output large enough to warrant one you may consider outsourcing this task. Companies such as Netsend specialise in the use of folder inserters to send large amounts of post. Their specialist knowledge in the folder inserter field means that they may be able to offer you services and invoice posting methods which you had not previously considered.

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