The term ‘paperless office’ does not actually refer to a real, existent paperless office. It is instead a view to the future, which is possibly achievable with advanced electronic document distribution. For a paperless office to exist electronic document distribution would need to be used to ensure all invoices and statements are sent electronically to customers.

How does Electronic Document Distribution work?

With electronic document distribution you will receive an e-mail containing a link to your electronic invoice or statement. Or the electronic invoice may form the body of text contained in that e-mail, the choice is yours depending on the level of security you feel your documents require. Electronic document distribution also allows online payment, so paperwork associated with paying an invoice is also transferred to a computer.

To what extent are Modern Offices paperless Offices?

Electronic sending of invoices and statements means they are not required on paper ever, as they can also be stored on a computer. Word processing techniques mean that e-mailed documents will be presented as professionally as if they were sent on paper. It can be seen that this system of electronic document distribution could, in the future, give rise to the paperless office coming to exist.

Some customers will choose not to receive statements using electronic document distribution. A modern company must accommodate them by continuing to offer postal document delivery. However, this can take a business further from attaining a paperless office. Some businesses find it simpler to outsource postal mail to a company such as Netsend. This can be cheaper than buying expensive hardware such as folder inserters, and also helps businesses towards their paperless office.

Why are Electronic Document Distribution and Paperless Office better?

For mass mailing, electronic document distribution is fast, cheap and easy. Invoice and statement sending is automatic, so requires fewer personnel to run the system. A paperless office is cheaper than a non-paperless office because paper and postage costs can be expensive.

A paperless office is also generally neater and easier to maintain than one with paper documents all over the place. The paperless office and electronic document distribution relieve the need for paperwork associated with invoice payments as this can also be carried out online. Documents can be stored and searched for electronically on a computer, which is easier and faster than rifling though a filing cabinet. Finally, as data is stored online instead of in paper form it is safe from danger such as a fire or flood.

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