When your company send you invoices and statements in the post careful document management has gone into ensuring that this is the correct document and you are receiving it at an appropriate time. The use of electronic document distribution has revolutionised such document management systems by automating the sending of such documents. This aspect to electronic document distribution can benefit you in the way that you receive invoices, statements and dunning letters which are used to chase late payments.

Electronic Document Distribution

Electronic document distribution has revolutionised the way you receive transactional documents (invoices, statements, dunning letters etc). It comes as a replacement to paper post, offering you the ability to receive invoices or statements online, via e-mail. Electronic document distribution therefore lets you access your invoices at any time of the day or night, and from locations other than your home postal address. This is beneficial to you as enables you to pay invoices while in another country or at work. You can also receive dunning letters via electronic document distribution, and having these sent to your e-mail inbox means you are less likely to lose or forget about them.

Electronic Document Distribution and Document Management

Electronic document distribution is beneficial to the company sending your statements as it can improve their document management. Document management of electronic document distribution requires fewer personnel and is less apt to fault because it is carried out electronically. This document management automates electronic document distribution, which is particularly useful when dunning letters need to be sent out. Using electronic document distribution therefore improves the safety and security of document management.

Further Advantages to Electronic Document Distribution

Electronic document distribution offers more advantages than just improved document management. Receiving your invoices, dunning letters and statements in this way can help you to save the environment too. Electronic document distribution uses far less paper than other methods, because the document does not need to be printed – even by you! Your online portal will allow you to view an archive of previous statements that you have been sent.

Electronic document distribution also saves energy as it doesn’t require the use of printers or folder inserter machines. So by requesting your documents be sent to you using electronic document distribution you can reduce your carbon footprint effortlessly.

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