Netsend are thrilled to be exhibiting at this year’s eCommerce Expo in Kensington Olympia. Come and visit us at stand E8. We will be demonstrating how Netsend fulfils a crucial role in the ecommerce ecosystem – vastly improving both customer experience and cash flow into the business.

Netsend – improving ecommerce customer experience

Customer experience is critical for ecommerce success. Netsend provides a dramatic improvement over traditional billing communications and interactions, vastly improving customer experience. Empowering customers through access to their purchasing histories, download of previous invoices, payment online and even the ability to modify contact details, not only improves their experience, but removes load from customer service and support teams.

Given that the barrier to customers’ moving to a competitor can be quite low in some markets, a good customer experience can make a huge difference to the bottom line. Reducing churn and retaining customers, even creating advocates and growing your customer base, can be effectively influenced by improving customer experience. Many businesses focus on the pre-sales customer experience, but Netsend brings post-sales customer experience up to scratch.

eCommerce lessons for businesses in the B2B sales cycle

eCommerce has accelerated through competitive innovations in the B2C space, but businesses are staffed by people who are used to the benefits of a consumer online experience. Businesses need to heed the lessons of B2C ecommerce, bringing smooth online purchasing experiences to their customers.

The typical B2B sales process has seen vast improvements in electronic catalogues, online search and product selection in recent years. However, what happens after a commitment to pay has been made isn’t always so slick. Many businesses still resort to sending paper invoices, or simply an electronic copy of a paper invoice.

Netsend enables businesses to dramatically improve the customer experience after a sale has been made – from sending invoices and statements, to enabling customers to access their full billing history easily and securely online; making downloads of invoices, paying online and modifying details on their accounts.

Insight into cash flow

The topic of insight in ecommerce most often addresses what happens before customers purchase. There are countless tools available to dissect traffic flow into and through the purchasing funnel, providing a wealth of information that can be used to improve conversion rates. However, a sale doesn’t count against the bottom line until the cash comes into the business. So, there is great value in understanding who has paid, who has indicated intent to pay, who is aware of the need to pay and hasn’t shown intent and those who need to be chased to respond.

Netsend provides all of the above and more. Many of our clients extract huge value from this insight. Knowing the real-time status of each deal enables automated follow-up actions to bring cash in faster and flags anomalies which might actually require a direct human touch.

Come and chat to us about how we see the rapidly expanding field of artificial intelligence (AI) working in conjunction with the insight available from the Netsend platform.

Automate and simplify – free up your staff to act where they provide the most value

Automation is a big topic in ecommerce, as well as business as a whole. Netsend has pioneered the automated production of invoices and associated billing communications for over a decade. Automating the production of invoices not only saves time, but vastly improves accuracy – removing the risk of human error. With 20% of invoices being paid late in Western Europe due to inaccurate contact or invoicing details1, automation can make a huge improvement to days sales outstanding (DSO) and delinquency levels.

People are the most valuable asset in any business, so automating repetitive tasks like invoicing chasing payments can free up people to act where a human touch is most valuable – addressing anomalies and assisting customers directly.

How Netsend fits in with the cutting edge in ecommerce technology

Drop by our stand (E8) at the eCommerce Expo 2018 to find out more about Netsend and how we see the platform developing to maximise the opportunities from AI, Blockchain, RPA (robotic process automation) and cloud infrastructure.

As technologies emerge and develop, complexity and variety become a challenge for businesses to contain. Netsend sits between established business processes and the diversifying range of invoicing and document formats, taking the complexity out of working with customers who embrace new formats and technology standards.

Come and see us at the expo and we’ll show you how Netsend can add significant value to your ecommerce processes.

1 Atradius: Payment Practices Barometer Western Europe 2017

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