A folder inserter is the apparatus which creates much of your non-electronic post. Your invoices or bank statements are fed into one end of the folder inserter; it then folds them and slips them into envelopes. The folder inserter then seals the envelope and the result is your monthly invoice, ready for the post.

This folder inserter method will be used for the majority of enveloped post you receive from large corporations. A folder inserter is a highly effectual way to send out large amounts of post due to its speed and cost-effective nature. The folder inserter can easily create over 40,000 items of post per day.

Where does data security come into using a Folder Inserter?

Well as the folder inserter creates post, there is an immediate security issue. Although the post office is very reliable, it is always risky sending invoices or statements as they contain sensitive information; and an envelope is easy to breach. However, the folder inserter is much more reliable in this respect than traditional posting methods. The folder inserter uses a special envelope sealant which makes it extremely difficult for an envelope to be breached with subtlety.

Can the people working the folder inserter machine not see my personal details?

Yes, staff working the folder inserter can technically see personal details before they are sent in the post. However, this is only to the same extent as many other members of the same company can. In fact, the staff working the folder inserters are simply taking invoices or statements from the printer to the folder inserter and checking the envelopes are being created successfully. There is very little scope for them to look at or even take down the information enclosed. All staff working a folder inserter must sign a privacy agreement in relation with the data protection act.

Additional security could be achieved if the company posting your statement is one to whom the folder inserter machine’s work has been outsourced. Companies such as Netsend specialise in the use of folder inserter machines and sending out large batches of post. Their trained staff use folder inserters on a daily basis and are there to make sure your post remains your post. If you are particularly concerned about the sensitive nature of certain statements you receive through the post, it may be an idea to find out whether the company who is sending you these envelopes uses their own folder inserters or has outsourced this task.

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