When providing a service to another business you have been chosen by them as a company to whom a task can be outsourced. Generally speaking, this indicates they will be using you often and as a result expect frequent communication from you to convey invoices or statements for services. Often these will be required by post, and this is where a folder inserter machine will become of use to you. This post should be punctual and well presented, and often will be preferred in paper form than via electronic communication means. A folder inserter is a machine in to which your invoices can be loaded and the folder inserter will neatly fold them and place them in to an envelope.

A folder inserter can be very useful when advertising your business to other companies. A postal advert which has to be physically removed from its envelope can be harder to ignore than a web-based ad.

Is a Folder Inserter complicated to use?

A folder inserter is simple to run and it is not unreasonable for one trained member of staff to generate over 30,000 enveloped documents in the space of a day! The requirement for a folder inserter to create this much post depends greatly on your number of clients. A member of staff can be trained on a folder inserter in the space of 2 hours.

Once the envelope is sealed how will I know if it contains the right contents?

As mentioned previously, sending inaccurate invoices or statements to a client could make your company look very bad. This strongly emphasizes the need for a member of staff to be trained thoroughly or to outsource the task of using the folder inserter machine to a company such as Netsend. Generally, however, it is easy to notice if the folder inserter has begun to envelope the invoices or statements inaccurately. The side of the folder inserter can easily be opened to ensure the correct number of pages is being placed in each envelope – this can also be seen by observing the paper invoices being taken from your pile into the folder inserter. Finally and most obviously, the envelopes the folder inserter is expelling should have the client name and address in the small plastic window of the envelope. Errors may occur with the folder inserter, and it is for this reason that an active folder inserter should be manned at all times.

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