Electronic document distribution is currently the most common form of B2B contact and is used to send transactional documents in a secure and rapid manner. Using document management, electronic document distribution can help a business to appear professional and technologically aware, while maximising profits due to speed of invoice delivery.

Document Management’s role in Electronic Document Distribution

Electronic document distribution is run under a system of document management which ensures invoices and statements are sent correctly. Document management involves using a constantly updated client database which tells the electronic document distribution system when invoices, statements and dunning letters are due to be sent.

Invoices sent using electronic document distribution can contain a website link for a customer to pay the invoice as soon as they receive it. A document management system will acknowledge payment of that invoice. This prevents electronic document distribution sending out dunning letters when they are not required.

Using Electronic Document Distribution to send Dunning Letters

In B2B transactions, the sending of dunning letters can be particularly important as often large amounts of money will be transferred. As mentioned above, a document management system is able to acknowledge payment of an invoice or statement; it also acknowledges the absence of such a payment. In such an event the document management system will trigger electronic document distribution of dunning letters at set time intervals following the absentee payment. These dunning letters will increasingly contain threats of legal action and push for payment to occur as soon as possible.

Environmental Factors in Electronic Document Distribution

By digitising a paper task, electronic document distribution can be seen as highly environmentally friendly. It saves vast amounts of paper, as well as the energy which would have been used in printing on this paper. The environmental aspect to electronic document distribution is an important one in B2B communication as it is becoming increasingly trendy in the business world. Being able to prove you are energy efficient could win you clients and customers over a company who is not.

The outsourcing of your electronic document distribution or document management can make you even more efficient. Companies to whom this could be outsourced, such asNetsend, are experts in the field of document management and have tried and tested methods which conduct electronic document distribution in the fastest, cheapest and most energy efficient way.

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