EDI check list for EDI projects

This EDI check list outlines the steps required for EDI implementation and the difference between approaches. Use this list to ensure nothing gets missed and your EDI project is as successful as possible.

EDI check list

GDPR Compliance and your data

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Excerpt from the EDI check list:


EDI presents a fantastic opportunity to improve efficiency and accuracy in the transmission of business data. However, traditional EDI implementations are expensive and complex. At Netsend, we work with global businesses who need the benefits of EDI without the complexity, high costs or limitations.

This checklist provides an at-a-glance look at the steps required for traditional EDI implementation, and a similar list for EDI enablement via Netsend. Each step is then explored in more detail later in the document.

Use these steps to shape your approach to an EDI project. Explore the differences between the traditional approach and the more flexible, modern approach offered by Netsend.

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