A virtual mailroom, or virtual postroom as some prefer, is what your phone company uses when delivering invoices and statements to you and other customers. A virtual postroom works in the same way as an actual post room; the difference between them is that the virtual postroom dispatches all documents via e-mail, on a computer, whereas an actual postroom deals with paper documents.

Does my Phone bill come from a Virtual Mailroom?

If you receive your phone bill in an e-mail then yes, it undoubtedly has come from a virtual mailroom. Due to the nature of a phone company, they are likely to have large numbers of customers who have chosen or been encouraged to receive statements electronically. Sending large numbers of invoices and statements can be a complicated process, especially when a client base is split in preference between postal, fax or e-mail statements.

The complication of running a virtual mailroom as well as a virtual postroom and an actual postroom may begin to slow a business if they are ill-equipped to manage this. Some companies (your phone company included) may choose to transfer their virtual mailroom and virtual postroom to another company. An example being Netsend, the companies to whom your phone company may outsource their virtual mailroom are expects in document distribution. This means that they have spent many years developing and fine tuning their virtual postroom; as well as combining virtual postroom needs with actual postal needs.

Is my personal information Secure if it comes from an Outsourced Virtual Postroom?

An outsourced virtual mailroom can actually be more secure than your phone’s company’s virtual mailroom. A company to whom a virtual mailroom has been outsourced are experts in sending invoices by fax, e-mail and post; and have been doing this for some time. This will have enabled them to build up skills in this area as well as a reputation. Their virtual postroom security methods will be tried and tested many more times than one your phone company could devise.

All outsourced virtual mailrooms are legally required to distribute documents in conjunction with the data protection act. In addition, all staff running the virtual mailroom will have signed a form stating that they will not miss-use the information they have access to.

Information processed by a virtual mailroom is more secure than that sent by fax and post because your invoice is only ever produced in paper form if you choose to print it. Also your invoice sending is automatic so a personnel member at your phone company should only view your personal details if you permit them to.

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