A paperless office is a concept well renowned in the business world. The term refers to a futuristic ideal of offices which run without the use of any paper, printers or folder inserter machines whatsoever. In today’s businesses, the paperless office is a trendy phrase used to describe what the use of electronic document distribution hopes to one day achieve.

Steps towards a Paperless Office: Electronic Document Distribution

The road to a paperless office begins with companies no longer sending invoices and statements by post. At present this is unlikely to happen as Britain’s elderly generation have not grown up with the internet, and especially not with electronic document distribution. Suddenly enforcing this would not be fair to them, or poorer members of society for whom the internet is an unaffordable luxury. A paperless office will remain unachievable until a larger portion of Britain is acquainted with the internet, and internet and computer prices have dropped to an even more affordable level.

So the paperless office is not achievable at present; however, the elements which comprise it definitely are. Invoices and statements can now be sent using electronic document distribution, which is the sending of these documents to a customer by fax or e-mail. Electronic document distribution is preferred by many as a way to receive transactional documentsbecause these documents are made available, and can be paid, on the internet. Thus, your invoices and statements are as accessible to you as the internet is.

Advantages to a Paperless Office

A paperless office can hold many advantages for both you and the companies billing you. Firstly, electronic document distribution is carried out without paper, and so saves money that would be spent on paper, envelopes and the cost of postage. The paperless office also saves the cost of employing personnel who would be needed to run non-electronic document distribution systems. For further information on a paperless office, the Netsend website offers some interesting facts.

A Final Note

A paperless office is technically achievable at present if the company billing you decides to outsource their electronic and non-electronic document distribution systems. This is possible due to the existence of companies such as Netsend, who fill this market niche. These companies exist because document distribution can easily put a strain on any company, in particular one whose client base has grown suddenly.

If a company who bills you is not presently offering electronic document distribution you may also wish to direct them to Newsnet, and advise them of your desire to receive your invoices and statements via the internet.

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