When interacting with other businesses it is important to appear professional. With outsourced document distribution you transfer all your document distribution needs to a company who specialise in this area. The company to whom you have outsourced document distribution will be able to take your client database and transfer documents such as invoices from you to them in a professional manner.

If you choose to use outsourced document distribution this could be a more reliable option to implementing document distribution yourself because it is likely that your business clients will want their invoices in different ways – some by post, some by fax and some electronically. Outsourced document distribution ensures this task is taken on by people with expertise in this field so mix-ups or errors are unlikely. Therefore outsourced document distribution relieves the strain that moving to such a system may put on your company.

Is Outsourced Document Distribution better than Simple Business Invoicing?

In the short term, outsourced document distribution may be cheaper, and definitely will be easier than implementing your own document distribution system. You will not need to train staff on a new system, or spend money on new employees to run the system.

If you are a smaller business and feel this to be a feasible task, you may wish to purchase a simple business invoicing software package. Simple business invoicing packages are designed for businesses like you. It uses a comprehensive user interface to guide you through the creation of a client mailing list and teaches you to manage this. The simple business invoicing package will automate your invoice sending, and put your invoices into a presentable and professional format which can be printed or e-mailed to customers.

It can be advantageous to use simple business invoicing over outsourced document distribution when your business is of a size which can handle its document distribution internally. As your business grows, your client base will also, and at this point outsourced document distribution may be a better option. It is unadvisable to allow your document distribution needs to interfere with the quality of service you are giving to your clients. A company to whom you have outsourced document distribution will undoubtedly be very capable of processing large amounts of post, in electronic or paper form.

For more information on outsourced document distribution, the Netsend website should be consulted. Netsend are a company who specialise in outsourced document distribution.

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