Outsourced document distribution is a common way in which your electronic post arrives with you. The company sending your electronic post will either do so using simple business invoicing software, or by outsourcing document distribution to a company who focus on electronic post. This then benefits you as outsourcing document distribution means the documents you receive are in the best hands to arrive with you securely and punctually.

Why would Outsourced Document Distribution affect my Electronic Post?

The fact that outsourced document distribution is possible shows that the art of sending many documents using the internet (and by other methods) is being fine tuned. Mass document distribution is becoming more precise and more secure; and the best way for a company to ensure they can keep up is to use outsourced document distribution.

A modern company has a diverse client base, wishing to receive their transactional documents by a mixture of post, fax or e-mail. A company with a larger client base (or even smaller) may suffer without outsourced document distribution. When document distribution becomes a strain on a company, it is their clients who being to suffer.

Simple Business Invoicing

Outsourced document distribution often runs on a system of simple business invoicing. This is a computerised system which uses document management to store client details and know exactly when a document should be dispatched to them. Simple business invoicing systems can be purchased as computer software, and for a smaller company this may be more appropriate than outsourced document distribution.

Outsourced document distribution employs another company, for whom simple business invoicing is better than just a computer package. The simple business invoicing system used by such a company (Netsend, for example) can be adapted by their specialist team to suit a client’s needs specifically. The fear for many companies with outsourced document distribution is that the outsourced company will not appreciate their specific needs. However, simple business invoicing systems are merely a framework on which to base such systems, and can always adapt to certain requirements.

The Cost of Outsourced Document Distribution

Outsourced document distribution often will be cheaper for a company than internally using a simple business invoicing system. In order to manage large amounts of post internally a company will need expensive hardware and software. On top of this, staff will need training to run and answer queries on the simple business invoicing system. This is costly and will cause time delays in document sending. Outsourced document distribution avoids these extra costs and as Netsend show, can handle large number of documents for delivery by post, fax and e-mail.

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