Original fears that the cost of a first class stamp is set to soar to £1 have failed to materialise

(see Daily Mail article)

Royal Mail unveiled its latest prices a few weeks back and First Class rates have risen 12% to 44p.

However the desire of Ofcom to do away with caps is still very much in place. The Government is keen to deregulate price increases as it looks to make the service more attractive to investors ahead of privatisation plans.

This means further rises, whilst maybe not inevitable, shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A 12% rise in stamp costs has piqued interest in ways to reduce stamp expenditure. Companies are looking again at alternative post carriers, volume discounts, pre-sorting and de-prioritising the postage class as ways to reduce cost. All those initiatives are laudable and may produce a 10% saving across the board.

If that interests you then you’ll be pleased to learn there is a way to reduce your stamp costs by 70%

With Netsend instead of reducing the cost of stamps we can just help you use less stamps altogether. We have many clients, working in many different industries but using Netsend’s proven migration techniques they enjoy an average conversion of 70% from posted documents to electronic delivery methods.

For a company sending 15,000 documents a month that’s a saving a £55,440 a year.

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